Portsmouth™ Shake and Shingles by Royal

STUNNING, DISTINGUISHED AND DRAMATICALLY BEAUTIFUL. AND MODEST. Portsmouth™ Shake & Shingles siding makes homeowners sigh, “gotta have it”—if they could sigh while saying that. It combines jaw-droppingly beautiful form and function, plus real colour, texture and shape options. Your customers will end up with siding that eliminates maintenance and stops traffic and a home exterior with depth and emotion. Yup, we used “exterior,” “depth” and “emotion” in the same sentence.

Product Options


Colour Options

Wicker, Linen, Soft Maple, White, Vintage Cream, Sand, Harvard Slate, Sterling, Shamrock, Heritage Blue, Redwood, Weathered Gray, Natural Cedar, Cypress, Pebble Clay, Walnut
Soft Maple
Vintage Cream
Harvard Slate
Heritage Blue
Weathered Gray
Natural Cedar
Pebble Clay

Features & Benefits

  • Strong aesthetics designed to match any regional look or preference
  • Complete line of profiles Double 7 Shingle, Single 7 Shingle, Hand Split Shake, T4.5 Perfection Shingle, Staggered Edge Shingle, Half Round Shingle plus new Single 7 PVC Shingle under a new V-Pro Series sub-brand
  • Innovative, proprietary designs 8’ Single Course 7 Shingle, Single Course Half Round, 5’ Single Course Single 7 PVC Cedar Shingle exclusive to Royal, modeled from high-end cedar planks 

Improved performance
  • Ease of installation designed to install faster and easier, particularly when transitioning with other siding
  • Low maintenance never requires repainting or re-staining
  • Lower installed cost .compared to alternative polypro and fiber cement o Smart Design built into V-Pro Cedar Shingle virtually impossible to install incorrectly
  • Class A fire rating PVC Cedar Shingle only
  • Continuous 90 degree lock PVC Cedar Shingle only
  • Lifetime warranty

Available Profiles

  • Double 7 Shingle
  • Single 7 Shingle
  • Hand Split Shake
  • T4.5 Perfection Shingle
  • Staggered Edge Shingle
  • Half Round Shingle 
  • New Single 7” V-Pro

Warranty Process

Register your product online at RoyalBuildingProducts.com  


If you want submit a claim please visit RoyalBuildingProducts.com or contact the claims department by phone 1-800-387-2799 and request a claims package.


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