The Royal® Overture Folding Patio Door Series is about what’s possible, such as: How is it possible to offer your customers so many unobstructed ways to maximize their viewing and entry space? How is it possible for a patio door to be so easy to install and so thermally efficient? With features like a heavy-duty, multi-chambered mechanical frame design and multi-point locking system, it’s not only possible—it’s doable.
*Product not available in Quebec

Product Options

Patio Doors

Color Options

White, Blue White, and Tan
Blue White

Features & Benefits

A unique Vinyl folding door system that transforms your interior living space into an outdoor open space.
Heavy- duty all vinyl 6 9/16” standard mechanical frame, with aluminum re-enforcements. Optimum Strength, maintenance free, and ease of installation for replacement or new construction
Complete custom door program with multiple configurations and opening from 2 panels to 8 panels wide. Large choice of opening sizes and project applications.
Robust and sturdy 3 ¼” wide welded sash that can accept from 1” to 1 3/8” triple glazing glass insert. Superior thermal performance, Energy Star qualified, and maximum visible light dispersion.
Available in many custom size configurations up to 24ft. wide and 10 ft. high; 3 solid vinyl colours and many painted colours. Large selection of configurations and colour finishes for many project applications.
Specially designed internal weep system for every glass panel. Minimize potential for glass seal failure.
Full perimeter weather stripping around the frame and sash components. Optimum air tightness.
Galvanized steel re-enforced vertical sash components. Strength and added security.
Optional retractable Aluminum Screen system. Long lasting and durable; for extreme size openings
Sash accepts 1” Insulated glass insert with many LoE finishes with Argon Gas. Superior thermal performance and Energy Star approved.
Standard 3 point locking system with top & bottom shoot bolts. Strength and added security for peace of mind
Stainless Steel Hinges and Top-Hanging Roller System. Smooth gliding operation and corrosion free.

Available Profiles

Min width: 3.5’ (44”)
Max width: 24’ (288”)

Min height: 6’ (72”)
Max height: 10’ (120”)

Custom door sizes are only available

Warranty Process

*Information coming soon from supplier

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