The Mortairvent® rain screen drainage and ventilation mat from Advanced Building Products Inc. raises a very important question: Moisture? What moisture? Its innovative “deflect, drain and dry” technology results in amazing water protection for both wall and roof applications.

Product Options

Commercial, Residential

Features & Benefits

Mortairvent® creates an airspace between the siding and the weather resistant barrier that allows moisture to drain from wall assembly and promotes drying of the siding and the wall sheathing.
Creates a dedicated airspace behind siding for enhanced drainage and ventilation.
Helps to prevent moisture problems, mold growth, and premature wall assembly deterioration.
Integrated insect screen.
Class A fire rating.

Available Profiles

CW Rainscreen System
Rainscreen System
Roof Ventilation Mats

Warranty Process

*Information coming soon from supplier

Submit manufacturer’s standard warranty.


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