DuPont Tyvek

DuPont™ Tyvek® Weatherization Systems provide the best combination of water, moisture and air infiltration protection in virtually every climate. Millions of homes and building facades can’t be wrong.

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Features & Benefits

DuPont Weatherization System products are designed to work together as a complete system to:
Manage Air Infiltration
Create an air barrier system that reduces air infiltration
Reduce unwanted air leakage through wall cavities helping to maintain the installed R-value of the insulation
Manage Moisture
Helps keep water out of the walls
Breathable—which means if moisture gets inside, it can pass through to the outside
DuPont Flashing Systems—DuPont™ FlexWrap, StraightFlash, StraightFlash VF and Flashing Tape are all part of the complete DuPont Weatherization System
Superior Protection From Water Damage
Helps to prevent water from entering through windows, doors and other points of penetration and to channel water safely outside
Easy to Install
Quick release backing speeds installation and forgiving initial tack offers easy repositioning
Butyl adhesive performs through extreme temperatures, adheres to most common building materials
Butyl won’t stain vinyl windows

Warranty Process

*Information coming soon from supplier

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