Perfectly at home in the country, city or suburbs, CanExel® prefinished wood siding’s amazing features would speak for themselves if they could, but they can’t. So we’ll mention its unbeatable combination of authenticity, timeless looks and durability. And that it’s the best engineered wood siding on the market and carries the best warranty in the industry.

Product Options


Color Options

White, Autumn Gold, Sand, Mist Grey, Cedar, Yellowstone, Almond, Country Red, Sierra, River Rock, Scotia Blue, Walnut, Cream, Midnight Blue, Acadia, Khaki, Dutch Green, Granite, Pine Forest
Autumn Gold
Mist Grey
Country Red
River Rock
Scotia Blue
Midnight Blue
Dutch Green
Pine Forest

Benefits and Arguments

  • Made of wood, better than wood.
  • Made of wood fibre – Hard wood only, primarily maple and oak, this ensures the stability of the board
  • Paraffin wax is added to reduce permeability.
  • Very dense and solid. CanExel can be hit with a hammer and it will not dent or break. Painting is done at the plant as part of the Manufacturing process.
  • 5 layers of industrial grade coating are used for the opaque color; an additional coat of a complementary colour is used to achieve the 2 tone Nature Series.
  • Each coat is heat activated for superior adhesion and to ensure stability.
  • Different profiles and colors in a 12 foot length
  • Available in 3 different profiles:
    • Ridgewood D-5: A 12-inch wide board, distinguished by a central groove that gives the appearance of two 5-inch planks. Used for horizontal and diagonal applications. V lock key system.
    • Ultra Plank : A deeply grooved 12-inch wide board that creates the effect of two 4 5/8- inch wide planks. Used for diagonal and vertical applications. V lock key system
    • Ced’R-Vue: A 9-inch board that delivers the authentic look of cedar. Used for horizontal application. The plastic alignment system gives Ced’R-Vue a true overlap.
  • All profiles are available in 20 different colors (including black) inspired by nature. We are green: all LP products are SFI certified

Available Profiles

  • Ridgewood
  • Ultra Plank
  • Ced’R-Vue

Warranty Process

*Information coming soon from supplier



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